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About the Lessons

  1. When Are Lessons Scheduled?

    Available times for lessons are Monday – Friday in Blythewood, SC and Columbia, SC. Please call 803-834-4214 for times.

  2. How Long Are the Sessions?

    Music lessons are scheduled for 30 minutes per week. Hour long lessons are available at the rate for two students.

  3. Does my child need to purchase a piano in order to take lessons?

    It is necessary for More Than Music students to have an instrument to practice on at home. Pianos are recommended but keyboards are great to start with, especially if you aren't sure your child will continue lessons after a trial period. At more than music, we require students to learn how to play on keyboards and pianos.

     The best type of keyboard for your child will:

    • Have at least 51 keys
    • Be Touch Sensitive
    • Come with a keyboard stand and power adapter

    This is all your child will need to start with. There are many fine keyboards with prices between $80 - $100. "Fancy" Keyboards aren't required.

    After a child has been playing for 2-3 years, you will need to invest in a piano. The best piano for your child will:

    • Have at least 81 keys (88 keys are Standard)
    • Be in good condition  (Used piano are fine)
    • Be able to be tuned when needed

    There are many fine used pianos availble between $400-$800. Pianos are available for rent from different stores as well. New pianos from finer brands can cost between $3000 and $10,000...but again, fancy pianos aren't required.  

  4. Why does my child have written work to complete?

    Music theory is a large part of musical training. Students do written work to solidify concepts that they need to learn as the songs they play become more advanced. Students cannot progress to new levels if they have not learned basic concepts. Students will not have written Homework every week but when needed.

  5. Is My Child Required to Do Any Other Work Besides Practicing Their Instrument?

    Students must provide a homework folder in which they are given homework every other week (except during recital months). Students are required to complete this work by the next lesson date as well as to do music theory work on the website: .

  6. Why is my child playing the same songs over and over?

    Practice makes perfect.

  7. Are There Any Other Fees Besides the Monthly Fee?

    In addition to monthly fees, students are required to purchase a music book and folder for $15.00. In place of a $100 recital fee, there are no lessons the week following a recital.

  8. When are Monthly Fees Due?

    Fees are due on the first lesson of each month. Any payments made after this time will incur a $5.00 late fee. If fees have not been made after three weeks (unless you have a special circumstance and have informed your instructor) your contract will be terminated.

  9. Can I reschedule a lesson if I have a conflict?

    Due to time constraints, unless there are extenuating circumstances (i.e. car accident, hospitalization, family emergency) music lessons cannot be rescheduled if the student misses a lesson due to a cold, doctor's appt., or a visit to grandma's house. These are issues many students deal with and if every student rescheduled a lessons due to these issues there wouldn't be time for normal classes or recitals. Any lessons missed by the teacher, however, will always be rescheduled at your convenience.

  10. Are you closed during holidays?

    Yes. We are closed on all major holidays (i.e. Independance Day) and during extensive school breaks for Richland School District 2 (i.e. Spring and Winter Break). We are also closed for one week following our recitals. Please remember our low prices and lack of recital fees. Closings can be observed on our website calendar.

  11. Do You Give Any Free Lessons?

    Music scholarships (for 10 free lessons) are available based on need. A one page essay is required along with a registration form where you must check the box for "Apply for Music Scholarship." Sponsors are available on a limited basis, therefore not all scholarship applicants will be accepted.

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